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Stewart Island, Jan 2004

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Northland holiday (July03)
and Kathy & Bobs wedding photos coming soon
Arrowtown, Jul 2003

Saturday (05/07/03), a great start to the holidays with some snow!
More than one use for a boogie board      Chains required, but cars not wanted!      Check out the parked Subaru on the left!

Tuesday (08/07/03), Deer Park Heights above Queenstown
Dear, dear, deer      Llamas!      Llamas! [Monty Python voiceover]
Gerroff me, ya mucky animals!      Oh oh, it wants hand-feeding as well?      Yes, straight out of LOTR - refugees from Rohan.

Thursday (10/07/03), Cardrona with little snow
Looking down the Arrow Valley towards Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu      Alana letting Fiona win the race      Sarah, no probs!