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There's a wealth of information available. Important links: What is it, you ask? Basically it's a worldwide recreational activity enjoyed by GPS (Global Positioning System) users. It involves a GPS user hiding a "cache" (usually a waterproof container of trinkets) and posting the exact coordinates so other GPS users can come on a "scavenger hunt" to find it. There are caches of all kinds for all ages and are usually placed in interesting locations that people may not know about. When you find one, sign the log, and trade any trinket you like with one of your own to keep the cache full.
Signature item
There are other twists with Travel Bugs, multi-caches etc to add to the fun.

As our signature item, we'll leave a folding cube as a FTF (first to find) prize in the caches we place.
Occasionally, we place one in a suitably excellent cache we visit.

Ok, enough of the sales pitch, and on with the Hyland caches.

Caches we have found (opens Geocaching window)
Caches we own/have placed (latest first):
Phantom's Ridge Otago)
Nice Open (Otago)
Amazing Arrowtown(Otago)
A Corny Cache (Central Otago)
Marine Maginot II (Virtual reward)(Otago)
Beagle Boy's Bunkhouse II(Otago)
Head Bling II Crowning Glory (Central Otago)
Suspended Landmark (Otago)
Top o' Tobins (Otago)
Stretch the Legs (Otago)
Thompson's Hill (Otago)
Chum's View (Otago)
Beagle Boy's Bunkhouse (Otago) Archived
Eustachian Too (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Scarfyville (Otago)
ZZ Top (Central Otago)
Discovered Landmark (Otago)
Out of Place (Otago)Archived: lost to the sea.
Just Over There (Otago)
10 years! Dunedin, NZEvent cache, 01 May '10
Urban Observation (Otago)Archived - Muggled
Ex Libris (Otago)
Noman (Otago)
Canine Capers (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Basket of Dreams (Otago)
Marine Maginot (Otago)Archived: lost to the sea.
Log your Find (Otago)Archived: muggled/destroyed
Soldiers' Playground (Otago)
Urban Macro Peer Review (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Walk in the Park (Otago)Event cache, 26 Aug. '06
Frog Mountain (Otago)
Fruitless (Otago)
A Baldwin Attraction (Otago)
Head Bling (Otago)
Born in the USA (Otago)International Cache Exchange
Dial S for South Seas (Otago)Archived: freeing up space
Quarry Conundrum (Otago)
Shelob's Hallway (Otago)Archived: DCC closed the tunnel.
Starlight Express II (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Remembered Landmark (Central Otago)
Eustachian (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Spooky Hollow (Otago)
Glow-worms and Fireflies (Otago)
Pastry Belches (Otago)Archived: freeing up space
Woodhaugh Wanderings (Otago)Archived: freeing up space
Walk Like An Egyptian (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Captains Go Boldly (Otago)
Starlight Express (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Keyring (Otago)Archived: muggled.
Matchbox Memories (Otago)Archived: muggled.
A Rakiura Nugget (Stewart Island)

Trackable Travel Bugs and Geocoins we own:
Bugs and Coins

and some without images:
2006 Kiwi Geocoin | TC's NZ Silver Fern GSV2 | GSV's Kiwi Geocoin | GSV's Red Handed Geocoin | GSV's 2008 NZ Kiwi Geocoin Wandering Tag (Geotag TB) Volunteer coin